After spending almost a year running applications on the production environment, I’ve learned some of the useful configurations that I would love to share.

I always find myself referring to this checklist every single time when considering its production readiness from a Kubernetes configuration perspective.



It’s been a while since I took my last certification exam back in November 2019. After close to a year of working with Kubernetes, I’ve decided to give Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam a try.

36 hours after my exam, I received the email below and I’m relieved!

The long awaiting email!

To my surprise, I received a 92 out of 100 scores for the certification exam despite me not having enough time to finish the last 2 questions (I think it’s worth 8 scores).

I would like to share resources that I used to achieve that, the approach and some tips &…


So, now I need to move my application’s workload on the production environment. What’s next?

That’s me thinking out loud in my mind a few months back when we decided it’s time to move our workload on production to a new environment.

Our team’s mission was to migrate the workload of our website from one AWS account to another, the reason being was account separation.

What we’re trying to do

As we did the migration project, along the way we learned about a few important factors that greatly increased the project success rate and to ensure that every involved stakeholder understand and being supportive of…

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Software Engineer, Documenting my Engineering Journey

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